Fix Your Blood Sugar, Eliminate Addictions!

addicted25My mom said the biggest gift I have her was the very low carb diet then the Ketogenic diet.


My parents were alcoholics most of my life. Indeed, they were very high functioning alcoholics and very successful. What is amazing is they both quit drinking cold turkey when I was about 17. They did what very few addicted people can do: they were able to over ride their biochemistry.

Most of the time addiction isn’t psychological issues, a poor upbringing or traumatic past,  it is a physiological or biochemical imbalance.

My mom was on every low-fat diet imaginable and did what she was told by the USDA to lose the unwanted weight; eat lot’s of “carbage”.

I can’t believe they were able to quit a life long addiction. But did they really quit? Most addicts just jump addictions and jump from one addiction to another. Addiction stems from exhaustion and most addicts are incredibly undernourished and exhausted. They need to feel “alive” so simply quitting their addiction doesn’t solve the underlying problem and they go from the thrill of being “alive” to death. That is why recidivism is so high in typical AA programs.

Both my parents quit alcohol cold turkey, but they didn’t really quit. They were plagued with cravings for sugar, carbs, and sweets. This is why at a typical AA meeting you will see alcoholics smoking, drinking tons of coffee and eating lots of sugary foods like cookies and candies because they are basically getting drunk without the alcohol.

My father to this day is driven by sugar. He can’t get very far without having sugar of some sort. He can’t say no and he is so fat phobic he won’t eat fat.

My mom on the other hand gets it. She said the Ketogenic Diet has finally removed her desire for “carbage” and has given her peace. She no longer shadow boxes her biochemistry trying to tame it or make it behave. The desire is gone. Period.

When you feed your body what it needs, when you nourish your brain with fat the rest takes care of itself. More often than not, people who are addicted quit their addictions on there own when they start eating in a way that stabilizes their blood sugar and prevents the blood sugar roller coaster ride. Once they get a taste of feeling “normal” in their skin they no longer seek out the feeling of being “alive” through addictions, mood altering substances or activities that stimulate them.

The constant hunting for carbage and sugar disappears and feeling like crap after you eat is eliminated.

My mom, for the first time in her life, has lost over 25 pds and has kept it off for over a year. But the real gifts have been in mental clarity, mental stability, strength, confidence and mood stability.

Blood sugar imbalance is precursor to adrenal burnout and addiction. It is that simple.
Remove the hypoglycemia and the rushes and crashes from a high carb/sugar diet and remarkably addictions disappear. Stability returns and people become who they were designed to be.


  1. susan says

    this is sooo true! I was born adrenal and have spent my life struggling with weight and energy. I try to explain this to clients ( I am a registered nurse and aesthetician) but most do not want to hear what I have to say. western doctors do not even talk about the adrenals and are not properly treating the thyroid epidemic. people continue to argue or consider one crazy when recommending full fat, or it is please don’t tell me I cannot have my wine, coffee, diet coke, the totally fake hazelnut creamer really kills me. what do they think is digesting that liquid plastic for the “girly coffee. don’t even get me started on the chewing gum! no wonder infertility is the new normal!

  2. Sue says

    I completely get what you are saying and am trying to get over the hump of giving up sugar and alcohol. But it is SO hard. Do you have any suggestions for making it easier? Supplements to take? Processes to follow? I would love for someone to just tell me exactly what to eat and take and do during that first week to make it easier.

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