Hair loss, Hair Thinning, Premature Balding, Balding: What Causes It? (3/29/13)

thinning-hair-women-solutionsPam and I cover a lot of territory in this show. We spend some time discussing energy. I’m learning so much and witnessing first hand incredible changes in my personality and emotional states. By no mistake I received a newsletter from The Eck Institute interviewing Dr. Paul Eck who is the founding father of Nutritional Balancing and Mineral Balancing. I can’t put it down. I read and reread and am so inspired by his words. He explains mineral levels and ratios in such a way that I really am starting to connect the dots and understand how these vital minerals impact our biochemistry.


We are such a reflection of our mineral patterns. While we’ve been taught that most of our psychological problems stem from abuse or a faulty childhood, Dr. Eck shows how an imbalance in mineral patterns is the greatest contributing factor to messing up our lives. Dr. Eck was a scientist and mineral researcher from Phoenix, Arizona. He studied minerals for over thirty-five years. He analyzed the hair samples of a large number of healthy athletes that were in the peak health. From that he was able to establish what a healthy persons minerals are supposed to look like. Additionally, he analyzed over 200,000 different hair samples to determine mineral patterns. When he started developing mineral programs for his clients he would get further feedback and started to see a pattern emerge that as individuals on his programs started to feel more energy, vitality, health, were happier, joyful and peaceful their mineral levels would come closer and closer to a very specific set of values. This was across cultures, sexes, age, and race. Each and every person that felt better came into the exact same mineral levels and ratios.

What I’ve learned from reading his materials is that we are made of energy or minerals. Everything, down to our DNA is made up of minerals. If and when those minerals become imbalanced, even in the slightest deviation, we experience illness, chronic fatigue and health issues. When our adrenals get weak we invite further destruction in the form of heavy metal accumulation because healthy adrenals are needed to kick out heavy metals.

Why does this matter to me? Because as I heal I realize my life was merely a shadow of what I was designed to be. With all the stress that led to adrenal exhaustion and heavy metal accumulation I wasn’t who I was supposed to be. Being copper toxic distorted my biochemistry and my outlook on life. People who are copper toxic tend to be incredibly sensitive, emotionally weak, tend to live in the past and can’t let go. As I watch my minerals balance out and I see my calcium and magnesium levels drop towards where they are designed to be, I can FEEL all these changes in me. I feel mentally stronger, clearer, it’s easier to let things go, and the past no longer haunts me or holds me captive. It has no bearing on my life today whatsoever. I struggled with that most of my life and to think it was this simple seems almost awesome. I can’t begin to express how incredibly thankful I am for “stumbling” on to Nutritional Balancing and meeting these wonderful people who have, no doubt, changed my life for pennies on the dollar.

I hardly recognize who I was last month let alone who I was a year ago when I was at my worst point and had one foot in the grave. Please, before you judge someone or label them, read this awesome article by ARL on Tissue Minerals and Associated Emotional States. This information is a game changer. Most people are shadow boxing their invisible biochemistry and their issues are merely physiological and NOT psychological. This is true for children too since so many metabolic issues are transferred from mother to child during pregnancy. Additionally,  today’s modern junk-food, highly processed  diets most children are exposed to creates the perfect biochemical disaster.

I’m thrilled knowing that the closer my mineral patterns reach their normal levels and ratios I will be closer to the person God designed me to be. As my energy increases my vitality, happiness and passion increase too. I’m dreaming again and I’m starting to have the energy to make those dreams a reality. As my brain heals I’m experiencing more happiness, peace, joyfulness, and excitement without any stimulants or crutches to prop me up. This is the real me and it is wonderful to find her. I invite you to find the real you!

How do you know if you are struggling from chronic fatigue or adrenal issues?

Stop all your crutches for a week or two. Stop anything that gives you a high. Anything and everything.

That’s a glimpse of your true energy. Scary isn’t it.

Coffee, caffeine, sugar, exercise, anger,cigarettes, pot, alcohol, drugs, shopping, excitement… anything that stimulates a high or causes you to elevate or excite your adrenals glands or produces a rush (high) is a sign that you can’t sustain or achieve your natural energy levels and are struggling with adrenal exhaustion and mineral imbalance.

Two things you learn from that exercise. First, you quickly see that you use a lot of crutches to prop yourself up just to get through one day. Second, most people can’t complete the exercise because after one day of eliminating all the stimulating crutches your energy plummets, you feel terrible and depressed. This reveals just how bad a shape your biochemistry is in. This is a sign you have sunk down to where you really are. Depression is your bodies way of getting you to slow down because you won’t otherwise. Your crutches diminish your awareness and keep you from feeling what you should be feeling. As Dr. Paul Eck says, “the body has a strange way of deceiving itself. When you are fatigued, and cannot, or will not, do anything about it, the body often dulls your sensitivity. It reduces your awareness so you can continue to function.” We avoid this state at all cost because you just feel awful and it’s human nature to seek feeling good and the thought of slowing down, changing your lifestyle and taking time to heal is often inconvenient and scary! But if you don’t address this state your life will be a mere shadow of what it was designed to be Mother Nature will have the last laugh sooner that you might be ready.

Lastly, Pam and I also discuss both male and female hair loss, balding, premature balding, hair thinning from a preventative perspective. What causes it and how can one reverse it. We will also talk about what your hair, nails, teeth and skin say about your health. Do you have dry brittle hair? That means a lot! Listen in and find out what it means and how to change it!

Pam Killeen is author of Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic and co-author of New York Times Best Seller The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know About the “Next Big Pandemic”. Learn more about Pam here:

Show Notes:
Hair Loss by Analytical Research Labs
Hair Loss by Dr. Larry Wilson
Copper Toxicity by Dr. Larry Wilson




  1. Jenn says

    This post couldn’t have been posted at a better time Freda! Thank you.
    Reading the way you used to feel is like reading a page from my own past life – stress, unending fatigue, my past always haunting the mind. I’m 38 now and am in pretty good shape, healthy-looking I suppose; however my fine thin hair tells a different story. Shamefully there was no way my day could get started without cigarettes and coffee, no matter how many times and ways I tried to quit them.

    I’ve read Pam’s book and been on her program for the past 14 months and feel FAR better than I did when I started; however have a long way to go yet before I’m out of the ‘fog’.

    Lately the busy home/work/family life has taken over and I’ve let my healthy routine and protocol slip. Ughh… do I ever feel it. It’s time to return to getting more sleep and utilizing my amazing infrared sauna more often! A little reminder of how important it is to look after yourself first and foremost. Right?
    As much as I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and articles, this one has inspired me to get my butt back on track!

    Thank you again Freda. Best wishes and congratulations on your new book by the way!

    • says

      Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback. Yes, we have to encourage each other because the road to health can seem a little long in our fast-paced world. I’m right there with you. I have to slow myself down when I get excited after having some great days with explosive energy! I want to conquer the world. I know better though. Stay in touch and good luck!


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