Ice Wine: The After Sex Drink!

On Wednesday, I went to the Canadian 2010 wine release tasting and boy was that fun. I LOVE Canada! Many of the vineyards that were present were from Niagara on the Lake.  If you ever get the opportunity, visit Niagara on the Lake and tour the wineries and vineyards It is spectacular, especially when the leaves change colors. Most of the Icewine is available in the U.S. but many of their wines are not, not yet. The Icewine’s were orgasmic and definitely a digestif.

I’ve never had Icewine before. It was like drinking passion from a bottle. It was a delicate explosion of amazing flavors in my mouth. I simply don’t know how else to describe what a marvelous sensation it was. I was there with my best friend and like me, she doesn’t really like sweet wines either, but we were pleasantly surprised as we tasted and smiled, nodding our heads in agreement. I’ve deemed Icewine as the official after sex drink, keep a bottle in your “drawer,” eh hem, I mean, I don’t know what that means, I’ve only been told by many. Really, truly!

There were so many wines to be had at this tasting and there is no way I can list all of them, so here is a few: Inniskillin’s 2006 Vidal Icewine which is loaded with peaches, apricots and honey, their 2007 Cab Franc Icewine, and their Le Clos Jordanne’s 2007 Chardonay, 2006 Pinot Noir, and a 2004 Pétales d’Osoyoos which is a joint venture between Vincor and Tailan, a respected Bordeaux wine company.  The 2004 Petales d’Osoyoos had an aroma that was rich and lively, showing black currants, plum, vanilla, chocolate and spice, all of which are echoed in the flavors. YUMMY!

Vineland Estates Winery also had several wines I enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the sales rep, David, I learned a lot from him, like the fact that there are wineries that buy big canisters of concentrated grape juice, ferment it, bottle it and call it wine. EEEWWWW! I enjoyed their newly released 2008, 100% Cab/Sav Icewine and their exclusive Vodka Icewine Martini called VICE. It’s all the rave in Canada right now. It combines Vidal Icewine with Canadian made Vodka for a drink that burst with flavors of luscious peach and apricots topped off with a little bit of sweetness! It boasts of ONLY 22.5% alcohol. I also enjoyed their 2008 Semi Dry Riesling and their 2007 Elevation – Cabernet which is 70% Cabernet Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. It was really good, balanced and had a nice finish. Stratus was another interesting wine producer that is big on assemblage which is the art of combing several grape varieties into a single wine. I enjoyed their 2007 Riesling Icewine.

Great people, fabulous wines and a great time!

Curious How IceWine is made?
The grapes reach full ripeness in October, are left untouched on the vines under a cloak of protective netting until the first deep freeze of the Canadian winter. During this time, the grapes are naturally dehydrated by the elements which adds to the concentration of flavors, aromas, sugars and acids in the juice. When temperatures dip low enough to freeze the grapes solid, the grapes are hand harvested and pressed. The result is liquid gold. About 75% of all IceWine comes from Canada but Germany is the second largest producer of IceWine. Others are Michigan and even Illinois.


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