Mark Baker: Bakers Green Acres Family Farm Under Attack (December 16, 2012)

markbakerIn this interview I will be talking to Mark Baker from Bakers Green Acres Farm in Marion, Michigan. Listen as he shares his story and his fight with the Michigan DNR, you will be educated and moved as you learn the truth about this attack from the corporate hog industry using the DNR as its arm. This is just another attack on small farmers and  if you eat food, this is your fight. We all need to be alarmed at the freedoms that are being taken from us daily. When you control the food, you control the people. Mark is a 20-year air-force VET. Let’s support him in his fight.

Watch “HOG WASH” -  The American Pig Tale. It’s a powerful message that stirs deep within your soul and wakes you up. You will also get some insight into what is happening to Michigan hog farmers, and what we can do about it. This is just one area that is under siege by corporate, industrial politicians.


As a side note: Have you ever dreamed about farming but didn’t know where you’d start or even how to start? If you live near Marion, Michigan, you are gonna want to check out Bakers Green Acres “Anyone Can Farm” program where they are offering hands on training. Weekend classes will be offered where you will learn skills like the art of old fashioned butchering, processing chickens, cows, and hogs, marketing, chicken farming and more! These are skills all of us may need someday soon.

I am encouraging people to help the Baker family out financially by either donating on or ordering their yummy USDA certified Mangalista pork as Christmas presents! What a gift to give and what a gift to receive!  It’s a win, win for all involved, even the pigs, since if Department of Natural Resources in Michigan had their way, they’d be extinct.


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