Mid-Thirties Female Experiences Years of “Midlife Crises” and Finally Finds Her Answers!

525744_10200935107274661_1882800015_nI love my job. I don’t sit and council my guests, I’m not a therapist, nor do I try to give them advice on their life, especially if it isn’t asked for. I try to listen. I try to get them to see their own thinking and what is keeping them blocked from seeing the obvious because I believe we are all equipped with innate intelligence and know what we need to do to change our lives. I do explain how diet and low-fat f&*ks up their thinking and what sugar and carbs do. That is where I place my emphasis because I know that when they make those changes many “problems” in their life start to dissipate or they see what they need to do. It’s pretty damn amazing.

One of my many mentors, Dr. George Pransky, taught me when I interned with him at Pransky & Associates, that when you are calm, when your mind is settled, when you have peace in your life, you actually pass that onto others. The act of just being gives those around you permission to just be. I remember the many drives I would take with him and very few words were ever spoken, yet I could feel his presence. After a few minutes my mind would slow down to the speed of his. My circular thinking would stop, my spinning would stop, wanting to keep conversation going because I was uncomfortable with silence ceased and I found myself so relaxed and calm. It was something I rarely ever experienced before in my life. At that time in my life I had a lot of balls in the air and prided myself on keeping my mind busy. Some how I thought by entertaining all my worry and concern I was doing something about it. George passed on some pretty amazing life lessons to me. I try to share with all the people in my life. I don’t even know I’m doing it anymore because I just am.

One thing I emphasize with all my clients is that your life will change when you change your diet. I see it everyday in my work. I see people’s lives completely change after a few weeks of eating the way we were designed to eat. I see them get their self confidence back, I see them get their courage, I see nervous people settle down, I see scared people speak up, while many of these changes might be subtle, over time they have a snow ball effect and people are able to radically change their lives. The flip side, when they stop eating right and go back to their old habits, many of those characteristics return.

She revealed to me that she is a huge sugar/carb addiction and for the life her can’t break it. It started scaring her because her constant search for food and sugar was really all she could think about and the cravings were so strong. You can’t overcome your biochemistry. It’s next to impossible. She fought me hard, as any addict would do, and I really didn’t think I had any impact on her. Then the magic happened. I can’t wait to see how she is doing in a few weeks. I’m very excited to follow her journey because I know all that she wants in her life.

I love this testimony and am so proud of her!!!

Being in my mid-thirties I was in search of my identity, looking for purpose, stability and balance. My struggle lasted for a few years which included changing jobs, starting to exercise, which by the way I never adapted to, reading tons of books on how to be happy etc.  I was missing something and was not sure what.  I continued my search of truth that would make sense and fill the void in my life.

I had a great opportunity to spend weekend with Freda, and had no intent to search for anything or find any solutions to my life problems.  I just wanted to relax and enjoy beautiful weather by lake Michigan.  We went to farmers market to shop for food, talked about surrounding beautiful sceneries, discussed the lifestyle of now and then. Freda took me to the beach and we just sat by the lake gazed at sunset. We sat quietly. I found silence to be calming and much needed at that moment.  The weekend went by fast and it was time for me to head back home.  On my last day during breakfast Freda started writing down notes on the paper for me and asked to give it a week and try to follow them.

It wasn’t until then that I realized I was getting anxious to go back home, I was anxious and not sure how trying something different for a week will fit in my schedule and I didn’t know if I will make time for it.  I had 6 hours of driving to do.  Time alone… no radio in the background, no phone calls just sinking in and taking mental notes of surrounding natural beauty,  time spent with my friend, yes I call Freda my friend, because I bonded with her, and feeling of contentment.  I was missing my weekend already and I wanted it to continue, which subconsciously I did when I got back home – I did what I did with Freda.

I pulled out my pots and pans and started cooking.  It felt good.

I was born in Europe, raised in an environment full of love and stability, nurtured with home cooked meals. I had the luxury to experience the feeling of love through family gatherings at the table.  We ate at home. Our plates were full of fatty, filling meals, we talked.  There were so many problems resolved and advice passed at the table which made most of the families unite.  I was nourished properly – food was a tool for me to do well in life.

I will not reveal what Freda wrote for me on that piece of paper.  I followed notes and noticed a huge improvement in my life. I take one day at a time and commit to myself to being happier than yesterday.  Don’t trust anybody, even me, seek your own truth and find answers on your own.  There are no short cuts; there is a willingness to give it a try and be honest to yourself.



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