Randy Roach: Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors (December 20, 2012)

141444523Veteran Trainer, Author, and Nutrition Expert Randy Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors, talks about his book, modern body building, the history of building and the bullshit multimillion dollar exercise lie. Everything we were taught is wrong. Listen to find out why.

Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors deals with sports nutrition, delving into factors and conditions that shaped the entire dietary landscape of the industrial world from modern fitness trends to the food we put on the table today. Body builders, trainers and fitness experts, even ancient cultures lend their own personal perspective (and diets), resulting in an informative book that entertains rather than preaches. In an era of the fast food and poor eating habits, this book is a must-have for amateurs, professionals as well as many others across a larger community. Nine and one half years of research, literally hundreds of interviews, one of the most thoroughly researched books on the Iron Game History.

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The Oiling Of America

We will discuss: nutrition, current commercial food industry, sustainable farming, environmental toxicity, fats, vegetarianism, veganism, lean meat, fatty meat, raw milk, eggs, Primal, Paleo diets, exercising myths, proper exercising, cardio lie, adrenal fatigue and so much more!


Also, on a side note, just because someone looks physically fit and has a great body, doesn’t mean they are healthy, nor does it mean they are mentally sound. With today’s crazy fad diets and over exercising, questionable supplements, and stress, many “fit” people are struggling biochemically and breaking down on the inside due to malnutrition. Get all the details in my thorough interviews with Randy Roach.



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